IEEE Intl Symp. On robot and human interactive communication (ro-man’2007)

IEEE ro-man 2007
   • Auditory cognition: cognition/interpretation of voice, sound, or  language
   •  Visual sensing and cognition: gesture, posture, face, facial expressions
   •  Novel interfaces and interaction modalities
   •  Motion planning and navigation in the vicinity of humans
   •  Haptic interaction
   •  Robot software architecture and development tools
   •  Motivations and emotions in robots
   •  Machine learning and adaptation in human-robot interaction
   •  Knowledge and inference processing
   •  Context awareness and intention understanding
/Aesthetic Issues
   •  Sociality/personality of robots or virtual characters
   •  Innovative robot designs for human-robot interaction
   •  Human factors and ergonomics in human-robot interaction
   •  Evaluation methods and new methodologies
Case Studies
and Applications
   •  Robotic companions and social robots
   •  Assistive robotics for supporting the elderly or peple with special needs
   •  Robots in art, education and entertainment
   •  Virtual and augmented tele-presence applications
   •  Androids and other applications

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